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Faylinn’s Flight

Published January 21, 2012 by The Creative Outpost

“Lark when will my beautiful wings allow me to fly?” Faylinn asked in her musical voice. 

“You will fly when you realize the importance of your wings,” Lark said gently.      

“What other purpose could fairy wings have if not to look beautiful and to fly?”  Faylinn pouted.

Lark encouraged her sister to go and find something to do in the woods to occupy her mind.

Faylinn decided she would float through the woods and find a quiet place to think.  You see, she could float quite well but flying was another story.  All the other fairies her age, had wings that glowed brightly, as they took flight.  Oh, how graceful they were as they fluttered about to their heart’s content.  Soon Faylinn was deep inside the woods where she ran into another fairy named Zola.  Zola was a sweet little fairy that was several years younger.  Faylinn found her sitting on a fallen log alone crying in despair.

“What is the matter Zola?” Faylinn asked.

“I lost my fairy dust bag!” Zola cried with a hiccup.  I have looked everywhere for it and it is nowhere to be found.  I can’t go home without my fairy dust bag!”   My mother worked so hard making it for me.  Zola’s mother had indeed spent many evenings weaving the beautiful fairy dust bag made out of sweet-smelling honeysuckle vines.   

“Where did you have it last?  I will help you look for it.” Faylinn said.  Faylinn was so worried about her little friend that she didn’t even think about her own sorrows.  Off they went to find the misplaced fairy dust bag.  They asked everyone they met along the way.  Not even the whispering trees had seen the fairy dust bag. 

Zola’s face lit up when she remembered where she had placed her fairy dust bag.  She had left it in a tall tree she had been playing in earlier that morning.  However; it was getting late and there was no way she would have time to climb the tree and retrieve the precious bag. 

Faylinn’s heart was heavy as she realized she could not help her friend get the bag in time.  As they stood below the tree, Faylinn used her wings to embrace her friend in comfort.  As her wings encircled her friend,  her wings began to glow.   

“Faylinn, your wings are glowing!  You can fly!” Zola exclaimed in joy. 

As Faylinn flew up the tree,  she realized her sister had been right about wings.  They could do something far more important than looking beautiful and flying, they could give love.

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