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Unexpected Gift

Published January 12, 2012 by The Creative Outpost
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     As Beth put the finishing touches on her novel she looked out her window, appreciated the beauty of the country, and enjoyed a moment of peace and tranquility that she hadn’t experienced since before the accident.

     Eight months earlier, her Husband Jay, had suggested they go for a drive out of the city.  As he jingled his keys, Beth turned to give her impatient husband, her most stern of expressions, but couldn’t quite keep a straight face looking into his smiling eyes.  She had been married to her husband for five happy years and still hadn’t mastered the art of annoyance with him.  Everyone warned her that the honeymoon would be over within months of their marriage but they were wrong.  Maybe it was their passion for life that bonded them so tightly.

     “I am coming mister, hold your horses!” Beth said throwing her bag over her shoulder. 

     By noon they were far from the noise of the city.  The traffic was almost nonexistent on the winding road.   Both of them were enjoying the sights in Jay’s candy-apple-red Mustang Convertible. 

     “Let’s eat soon.”  Beth yelled over the roar of the wind.

     “Sounds like a plan.  I packed a little gift for you in the backseat.” Jay said with a wink. 

      Soon he pulled over to the side of the road and switched the engine off. Less than 100 feet away stood a majestic Oak Tree. Its branches swept out graciously providing adequate shade.

     Jay swung the basket out of the backseat and produced a blanket to lounge on.  They both ate their fill in silence while taking in the landscape.  After making love, they snuggled in each others arms, enjoying their time together.  I think this picnic is the best unexpected gift you have ever given me!” Beth said.    

     As the sun started to settle in the sky they decided it was time to return home.  “You lay here and relax, while I take the picnic-basket back to the car.” Jay said. 

      Beth closed her eyes and listened to her husband’s footsteps fade as he walked through the grass.  It was the last time she would ever hear his steps again.  Jay didn’t even see the car coming as he leaned over to deposit the basket into the backseat of the car.  The sight and sounds of that day will forever be etched in her mind.  For months her days consisted of unbearable pain and loneliness.

      As Beth closes her laptop, she lays her hand on her growing abdomen, excited to meet their son.   She was wrong that day, her son was the best unexpected gift Jay had ever given her.

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